Together Becoming Women of God

Established in His Word, Firm in the Faith, For the sake of the Gospel

At DBC the Bible is foundational and central to all we do. We aim to equip women to stand in the Word, and for each other. Our Ladies Ministry team provides many opportunities throughout the year for women to gather together and grow in community and love for God. You can find out more details about ways to get involved below.

The Well

A time for ladies from middle school and up to enjoy a time of fellowship with other women, worshipping together, learning from the Word. These events take place 2-3 Friday nights throughout the year with an annual Saturday event.

Belong Events

Belong Events provide a great environment to jump into the ladies ministry.  

Belong Events are specifically designed to help ladies connect in a fun, non-threatening environment.  From tea parties to Bunco, these events provide opportunities for ladies to laugh and have fun as we celebrate life and community together.

Summer Bible Study

Our annual Summer Bible study is held from late May to early August. Women from middle school and up meet weekly to study the Word and uncover its truth for our daily lives. From light studies to digging deep in the Word, there is something for everyone at every level.

The Table

Believing that Titus 2 offers a blueprint for Ladies Ministry in general and is descriptive of who we are to become as women, we encourage the ladies of DBC to join a Table.  The Table is a gathering where ladies of multiple generations gather either every month or every other month to share a meal and an intentional conversation about topics relevant to our lives as women - each learning from the other, older to younger and younger to older.