Upcoming Events

Iron Men Hike Challenge

Men, you are invited to Men, join us on February 20 for the Iron Men Hike Challenge. We will get started at 8:00 am on Saturday and we ask that you bring a good pair of shoes, water, snacks, and any other hiking gear you would like to bring. This hike will be a physical challenge for us, but we encourage you to join us and go for it. 

Bold Hope Strategic Day Retreat

Ladies, join us on Feb. 27 for a day retreat as we unpack and dive into what it means to live with BOLD HOPE in these days. Join us as we think together what BOLD HOPE looks like for DBC Women doing life together.  Don't miss this important day, to pull away for personal time, group teaching and discussion, and to enjoy the beautiful Magnolia Springs State Park. 

Click the link below to purchase a ticket: 

Bold Hope Retreat tickets