CGL Resources

Community Groups Intro

Our hope is that preparing for community group meetings will never be time consuming. Take these prep steps and trust God!

  • Pray for God to work in your group meeting.
  • Read over the Bible passage for this week.
  • Read the “Highlights” section near the end of your CGL guide for study points and key sermon statements. If you missed the

 service on Sunday, listen to the sermon audio here.
  • Look over the notes you took from your previous meeting so you can be sure to check in with group

members on things they mentioned.

Ice Breakers

Ice breaker questions can be a fun way to start group, get conversation going, and to get to know group members.  Below are links to several ice breaker question lists.  While there are a few we would not recommend, many of them are plug-and-play options for getting your group talking.

How to Ask Good Questions

A big part of your role as a Community Group leader is facilitating conversation with your group that helps them to see and apply scripture’s connections to their lives.  One thing that sets a great conversation facilitator apart is the ability to ask good questions.