We champion the cause of families. Our goal is to partner with parents. We believe that parents are the main spiritual

influencers, and that the local church has a part to play in equipping their children for the future. We believe that when the Church and parents partner together something better happens.

We have many opportunities for families to connect together:

Family XP’s, Family serving oppurutunities, God Time cards, 

Arise Parent Connect Videos. 


Our goal is to help men grow into becoming the man of God that they were designed to be. We believe that men play an essential role whether they are fathers, sons or brothers. We seek to encourage, equip and challenge men to be healthy spiritual leaders in their home, extended families and workplace. Our goal isn’t to burden people with church activities but to help them grow in their walk with Jesus. 


We have many opportunities to connect with women at DBC. Our Women’s Ministry team works hard to design ways for you to get connected at DBC. There are many opportunities for bible study, one on one discipleship and our Women’s Conference that happens a few times a year. We know that being a mom, wife or student can be a fast pace in life so we try to be intentional when we plan events. Regardless of where you are in life we would love to have you connect with us. 


DBC KIDS is an environment designed

to teach kids virtues that they can

carry with them on their journey through

life. DBC KIDS partners with families

in ministering to your kids. We are an

ORANGE minded ministry. The curriculum

we think works best is 252 Basics. 

If you would like to know more about

that click here. Together, we can do

what we cannot do alone.