What is DBC WOrship

Every weekend we gather together and lift

up the name of Jesus through corporate worship. Our church is led by talented and faithful worship leaders and musicians. Our worship team strives to serve

our church with music and worship to help people connect with God. 

If you are interested in serving on the worship team, 

please follow the steps below. 

Video Auditions

We are only accepting auditions through video submissions at this time. We’re excited about all that God is doing in and through our worship ministry, and we’re looking forward to hearing your videos!

You will receive an email letting you know if we would like you to come in for a live callback. If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals, you will need to submit separate videos for each. 

We will view all videos and you will be emailed back only if you’ve been asked to continue in the audition process.


  • Please submit video via YouTube

  • IMPORTANT! Under privacy settings, select “UNLISTED” and title with “(YOUR NAME-DBC WORSHIP AUDITION).”

  • Copy and paste the link to your video in the email.

  • Submit all videos to dublinbibleworshipteam@gmail.com

  • If you have difficulties uploading a video, contact us and we would be happy to help!

Audition Song list

Please make sure to submit a video including at least two songs listed under the area you are auditioning for.


Glorious Day” – Passion

Here as in Heaven” – Elevation Worship

The Lion & The Lamb” - Bethel


The Lion & the Lamb” – Bethel

Do It Again” – Elevation Worship

Death Was Arrested” – Northpoint


Glorious Day” – Passion

Death Was Arrested” – Northpoint

The Lion & The Lamb” – Bethel

Rhythm Guitar/ Acoustic

Glorious Day” – Passion

Resurrecting” – Elevation Worship

Build My Life” – Housefires

"For the Sake of the World" - Bethel


What A Beautiful Name” – Hillsong Worship

King of My Heart” – Bethel

Do It Again”- Elevation Worship

This I Believe” — Hillsong Worship



Glorious Day– Passion

Resurrecting”– Elevation Worship

Cornerstone” – Hillsong Worship


What A Beautiful Name” – Hillsong Worship

King of My Heart” – Bethel

Who you say I Am” - Hillsong Worship