We champion the cause of families. Our goal at DBC is to partner with parents. We believe that parents are the main spiritual influencers, and that the local church has a part to play in the equipping them for the future. We put it this way, when parents and the church partner together, something better happens.

RED (the love of the home) + YELLOW (the Light of Christ)=

ORANGE (a new color, future, partnership, hope and better outcome)

To bring families together we do several things.

  • We worship together during our Family: XP's.
  • We serve together inside & outside the church. 
  • We equip them with tools like DBC Parent helps, God Time Cards, Arise Parent connect videos, etc.  


Our goal is to help men grow into being the man of God that they were designed to be. The family unit is vital to furthering the Gospel, and men are an essential component whether they are fathers, sons, or brothers. DBC is a church that is seeks to encourage, equip, and challenge men to be spiritual leaders in the home, extended families, and workplace. Our goal is not to burden people with church activities but to help them live out their faith day to day. In our culture, men need spiritual direction, and we are trying to accomplish that, and glorify God in the process.   


Ladies, are you looking for opportunities to relax, build friendships and grow in your relationship with Christ? Do you want opportunities to build into the lives of other women? Connection with Jesus and connection with one another...we all need that. So welcome to DBC! Whether a bible study or just sharing a cup of coffee, they welcome all to come and share in our journey of faith. We know you're busy, so we are intentional about the studies and activities we do as a church. It doesn't matter where you've been or how you've gotten there, you are welcome with us.  


DBC KIDS is an environment designed to teach kids virtues that they can carry with them on their journey through life. DBC KIDS partners with families in ministering to your kids. We are an ORANGE minded ministry. The curriculum we think works best is 252 Basics. If you would like to know more about that click here. Together, we can do what we cannot do alone. We believe it, and we hope you do too.